Superstream for small business – what is it? What do you need to do to be Superstream compliant?

Employee v Contractor

Employee v Contractor Why does it matter? The reason this definition is important, has to do with the potential liability for Superannuation, Workers Compensation, Annual Leave and even sick leave. The fact that you engage someone and insist they have

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Paid Parental Leave

We receive a lot of queries about Paid Parental Leave. People generally ask what they have to do and what impact it will have on their business. The other big question is how to account for it. We’ll cover these

Investing in Shares – Australia – Australian Unity Perspective

Australian Unity Perspective – Dec 2015 Newsletter It’s a good time to invest in shares – despite the recession talk Our friends at Australian Unity have provided another newsletter with useful market analysis. One thing we know is that everyone

Housing Market Forecast 2015 – 2018

We don’t provide investment advice but we received the following newsletter and report from Australian Unity, who were happy for us to share the information.  This report is comprehensive and provides more information than you will know what to do