Due Dates – BAS / IAS

Below are the due dates for BAS and IAS returns.  If the due date falls on a weekend, the following Monday is the due date.

Please note: The dates below are lodgement and payment dates. Problems arise when lodgement deadlines are not met. This is regardless of when the payment is made. Please make sure you lodge on time. You can always request an extension for payment, but it is unlikely you will get an extension on lodgement. As always, please talk to us if there are any problems.
Quarterly BAS PayersMonthly BAS Payers
Month IAS Return Due Quarterly BAS Due
January 21 February n/a
February 21 March n/a
March Part of BAS 25 May
April 21 May n/a
May 21 June n/a
June Part of BAS 25 August
July 21 August n/a
August 21 September n/a
September Part of BAS 25 November
October 21 November n/a
November 21 December n/a
December Part of BAS 25 February
Month Monthly BAS Due
January 21 February
February 21 March
March 21 April
April 21 May
May 21 June
June 21 July
July 21 August
August 21 September
September 21 October
October 21 November
November 21 December
December 21 January