What does a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) bring to an organisation, and why should you want these services?

For a lot of people, the role of a CFO is not clear. The traditional perception of an Accountant is that he / she would sit in the background telling their clients about what they should have done, and if only they had spoken to them earlier, things would be different. Maybe you visit your accountant a few times a year to get your tax work completed and if you need to, ask a question about numbers you know you should understand. A CFO needs to be able to:

  • Help you understand your business
  • Be a partner in planning your business
  • Have experience in business strategy
  • Understand your tax and compliance profile
  • Make sure all the above is delivered in a way that makes sense to you


Imagine if you could have access to an organisation that

  • Completed all your compliance obligations (still very important)
  • Worked with you to analyse and plan your business
  • Support you in all your business decisions
  • Had a deep background in business strategy
  • Spoke in plain English

What would be different?

Imagine being able to:

  • Clearly understand what you wanted to achieve this year for your business and know that it was possible
  • Have a budget prepared that you could use to monitor your business
  • Understand your cash flow and have tools and systems to monitor
  • Understand how your business is performing and what needs to be looked at on one page
  • Pick up the phone and feel at ease asking any question knowing that someone was always there to help

At O’Brien Bousamra & Co, we see this as the single most important service that any professional Accounting business should provide.  We provide this service as a fixed monthly fee so you never have to worry about how much it will cost.  The first step is to contact us to start a conversation that leads to an enjoyable and profitable partnership.