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Imagine having a financial business partner who:

Financial Guidance

What would be different for you?

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What does a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) bring to a business?

For a lot of people, the role of a CFO is not clear. The traditional perception of an Accountant is that he / she would sit in the background telling their clients about what they should have done, and if only they had spoken to them earlier, things would be different.

Maybe you visit your accountant a few times a year to get your tax work completed. A lot of people also don’t ask questions they feel they should understand or could understand better.   A CFO is a financial and strategic partner in your business.  They are there to bounce ideas off, to help prepare plans and budgets and importantly, be a sounding board.

A CFO needs to be able to:

Working Together
Working Together

An effective CFO service doesn't need to be expensive

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Would you like to:

At OBB Accountants, we see this as a very important service that should be available to any business wanting to succeed. We can provide this service as a fixed monthly fee so you never have to worry about how much it will cost.  The first step is to contact us to start a conversation to understand what you need and what we can do to help you.