Coffee with OBB

Coffee with OBB

What is it?

Coffee with OBB is a time where anyone (whether client or not) can come for a tea/coffee with OBB and have a friendly chat about anything with no judgement and at no cost.

We have found over the years of being in practice that sometimes people have a question which is general in nature or “too small” to warrant a “proper” appointment. Or they might feel embarrassed to ask it as they think it’s a simple question and something they should know but don’t.

Coffee with OBB is an opportunity to come in, relax over a cuppa and ask that question or have a discussion with OBB staff and anyone else who is there.

It’s for business owners who want to chat with someone who knows what it’s like working in your own business. You may be someone who works from home or on your own and would like to just get out and talk business. It’s for people starting out, people who have been in business a long time, school kids, students, retirees, employees, who have questions about tax or accounting or anything else and don’t know who to ask. You don’t have to be client and there is no pressure to be a client. I’m serious, anyone is welcome.

It is an open forum. We might not have all the answers but someone else might or we can put you in touch with the people who do.

What do we get out of it, you might be asking? Well, for us it’s a chance to meet new people, understand the issues they are facing, what’s keeping them up at night, celebrate their successes, expand our social connections and, yes, a chance to get out of our business for a few hours, sit back and enjoy a coffee with you.

We hope to see you (or Zoom with you) at a Coffee with OBB soon.

When is it?

Where is it?