Why OBB?

OBB Accountants is a small accounting firm in Port Macquarie. Like many accounting firms, we care about the welfare of our clients and our relationships are generally more personal.

We were asked by some clients if we would do Plan Management for them and we gave it some thought. It was a very similar skillset to the work we were already doing but it would require a rigorous registration process, and a commitment to train further so we could do the best job possible.

We really resonate with the principles of NDIS. Empowering people to make their own choices and live a fulfilling life is a worthwhile goal and we want to be part of making that happen.

What we do

Plan management on the face of it, appears quite simple and the NDIS has created some amazing guides to help people understand what we do. 

Essentially, we will work with you, your nominee and / or support worker to engage the services you need (per your plan) and then make sure all the bills are paid on time. We also work with you to make sure you understand how your budget is being spent and how much you have left so you don’t run out of funding unexpectedly.

The best part about this is that using a Plan Manager does not impact your funding.  Additional funding is provided by NDIS to cover our service.

When you use a Plan Manager, you also get to chose your providers. There are three options for paying for services within the NDIS.

The first is that the NDIA manages your funding and makes all the payments – this is called Agency Managed. With this option, you can only use registered providers.

The second option is to self-manage. This allows you complete freedom as to the management of your funding – you can use registered and unregistered providers.

The third option is to be Plan Managed – by a Plan Manager. You can think of it as being self-managed without the paperwork. You get to chose whether you use registered or unregistered providers, but we take care of all the financial paperwork. We also help you with budgeting your plan and we can also help with budgeting training if you want to take develop better financial management skills in your daily life.

Coffee with OBB

Next Steps

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to meet up for a chat. Please call or email us on (02) 6533 1920 or admin@obb.net.au to arrange a time for a catch up.